Conscious Boss Bootcamp.


Are you ready to finally launch & grow your wellness or coaching business?

Do you KNOW that you can impact the world with your work?

Are you finally ready to get consistent clients & income in your wellness business?

Are you sick of feeling overwhelmed, stuck & confused about the next steps to take in your business?

Are you unsure of how to stand out online?

Do you have big dreams, but struggle with keeping yourself accountable?

Do you often feel isolated & alone in your business & wish you could be surrounded by a powerhouse group of women who have your back?

Are you READY to be supported by me – who believes in you, has your back 100% & can show you the way to bring your dream business to life

If your heart answered YES to any of the above, then...

Imagine this with me...

It's the end of the year, you're sitting around with some of your entrepreneurial sisters, reflecting on what a life changing year you've all had.

You've finally taken that idea you have, that business you've always dreamed of... and launched it.

You're well on your way (if not already) to being supported FULL TIME by your passion. 

You've met an entirely new community of like-minded women who not only inspire you, but support, encourage and nurture you & your dreams. 

You've pushed yourself so far out of your comfort zone, things that used to scare you, no longer make you think twice. 

You've stepped into the driven, inspired, passionate woman you've always known that you were in your soul. 

You have finally stepped up.


You feel so excited about the opportunities that are now showing up for you.

Can you feel that?

How juicy that is?

How compelling that future is?

It is yours.

All you need to do is say yes.

To yourself. To your dreams. To believing it can be yours. That's the only thing in your way. Are you ready to say yes?

You are ready. You are passionate. You will make an impact in the world with your business. You're the lady I am looking for to support on this journey.

If your heart answered yes to any of the above then this programme is for you and I cannot wait to support you.

I will say it again...

Conscious Boss Bootcamp is an immersive online group coaching experience, where you have access to 2 coaches, including myself, an entire community of game changing women who intimately care about your success.

(NEWSFLASH: if you do not consider yourself a game changer, you will when we're done)

You will get all the tools on mindset, relationships, strategy & accountability you need to start SMASHING your business goals for 2017 & beyond.

Don't let another moment go by when you're not living your dreams.

Don't let someone else take your idea away from you.

It's time. Time to find your fire.... and build your business!  

What you'll get:




- Monthly live-online group coaching calls (all recorded for you to listen if you can't make it live) 

- Monthly modules focussing on a pillar you need to focus on in your growing business

- Worksheets to enhance training topics

- Accountability check ins and accountability partner

- Facebook support group for networking, encouragement, coaching & community

- Comprehensive intake call, so I can cater the programme to precisely where each of you are at. 

- Bonus access to membership site with all replays of Conscious Boss events & trainings

- A community of brand new entrepreneurial sisters who will be connections (and likely collaborators!) for life

- Access opportunities to my network for connections (you become a member of my inner circle... I can't help but connect people I love!)

Plus, just to add to the feel good factor of your committent... 5% of every sign up will be going to Bridge The Gap Project, the charity I am an ambassador for. Helping youth to help themselves... check them out here. 

Want a free call to discuss your goals?

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If I haven't yet launched my business, is this right programme right for me?

YES! This is exactly where you need to be to get all the tools, motivation, strategies & support to know HOW to launch, and so when you do it is as successful as possible.

I have a business already, is this right for me?

YES! As above, if you have a business or not, we are covering everything you need in order to get more CLEAR on not just launching, but growing your business. Everything from getting clear on who you want to serve, who you can collaborate with (and how), social media, marketing, mindset & more. Not to mention you leave with a community of entrepreneurial sisters to grow alongside for the rest of your LIFE!

I have a business partner, can we do this programme together?

YES! There is nothing more powerful than being on the same page as those you do business with. When we chat, just ask me about the special ' bring your business partner' package.

I do not live in New Zealand, will the programme still work for me?

Of course! This programme takes place through video calls, and I work with clients all over NZ & internationally. Timezones will be factored into when the group calls are, all calls are recorded to be watched at your convenience.

My business isn't technically a 'wellness' business, does this programme still work for me?

You got it. My approach applies to any business, however wellness, and wellness businesses are my passion. However, women in wellness, is more of a mentality of my client, which of course extends into her business. It is a focus on leaving those around us better because we were here. It is a mindset of taking care of ourselves. If you're here, on this page, I know it is your mentality too, and that you'll be the perfect fit for CBB.

What happens if I can't make the calls live?

All the calls will be recorded and placed in the membership site for you to watch whenever you're able.

Other Questions?

Let's jump on a call to discuss your goals - at the very least you will leave feeling inspired, ignited & excited to keep going on your journey!

Yours in courageous consciousness & with love always,