Open wide in your business relationships & life with Melissa Ambrosini

When I was in Sydney recently I caught up for a deep dive conversation with Author, Coach, Speaker and all around Goddess, Melissa Ambrosini and we chatted all things:

Love, Business, Communication, Boundaries, People Pleasing, Relationships and Health. 

This is a babe who has been blazing a trail in the personal development world for years now, and has created a beautiful, inspiring & connected business. I have absolutely nothing but respect for her... and meeting her in person only amplified that. She is exactly who she shows herself to be online- and that, to me, is what I look for in people I admire... it isn't the accolades, or the money... but their way of being, amongst that success...


In this interview

- We speak about how to step into your worthiness (and why that is SO important if you want anything juicy in life)
- How Melissa has built her multiple 6 figure business
- The key to lasting & powerful relationships
- How to stop people pleasing ( and WHY this is so crucial)

So much more.. 

You can watch the full video interview or listen to the audio below, or you can listen to the podcast over on iTunes

Video Interview



For more on Melissa & to get her book:

Share below...what did you think of this conversation? Did you learn anything new about yourself? Were you challenged by anything we spoke about? 

As always, in courageous consciousness.


Em xx

Emily Boss
The Mask of Masculinity & Living a life of Greatness with Lewis Howes
Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 6.40.29 pm.png

Recently when I was in LA, I had the pleasure of connecting with Lewis to chat about his new book

The Mask of Masculinity. 

This conversation is for EVERYBODY. Women & men alike. 

I am a big believer that women have a role to play in the opening up of our men.

Creating safe spaces for them to be vulnerable & share themselves. 

In this conversation Lewis & I speak about a vast array of topics...everything from

Lewis's daily rituals for success

The turning point for his own masculinity & ability to open up

Why Lewis wanted to write this book, and why now

What we need to ask ourselves, and do if we want to live into our vision

What he wants women to know about men

How he went from being broke on his sister's couch to building a 7 figure business 

So many more valuable insights. I absolutely loved having this conversation, and I think it is a super important conversation for us all. I would love to hear what YOU take away from this interview.

Please share with me below in the comments section!

Watch the video below.

Listen to the podcast below.

You can also listen to this episode over on iTunes

For more on the book head to

Please share your thoughts on this interview below... I want to know how this lands with you!

Em xx

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Business, Masculinity, Relationships, Sexuality & Life - A Conscious Conversation with Preston Smiles

Join me and absolute game changer, author, transformational coach, speaker, humanitarian, my brother from another mother – Preston Smiles, as we have a deep dive conscious conversation all about the below & so much more. 

-       Our EPIC fellowship trip in Tanzania, Africa – where we recorded this

-       What it is Preston really does, and what Love means to him

-       How to know what to ‘call yourself’ as a coach / entrepreneur & how to market that

-       How to, but also WHY you have to honour your value & step into your own power

-       Why you have to LEAP into the unknown to achieve your goals

-       Why being a control freak will not serve you

-       Why avoiding discomfort is unnatural & keeping you stuck

-       What Preston gives no F’**s a about

-       Why we will never ‘get there’

-       Why we need to schedule in our breakthroughs

-       Why a lot of men don’t know what it means to make love & how this affects women

-       How to feel fulfilled & not just ‘check off’ achievements

-       How the feminine is being drowned out & how to reclaim it

-       The importance of understanding masculinity & femininity for both men and women

-       What makes up the masculine, and the feminine

-       What the biggest drug in the world is … it’s not what you think

-       Why surrounding ourselves with people who are different to us is key for creating change

-       The one thing you have to do if you want a conscious relationship

-       What Preston most wants you to know, and do

-       How to work with Preston & be up in his Mancave 

- SO Much MORE

Watch the video below

Listen to the audio below or over on iTunes here


I really loved this conversation, & would love to hear any take-aways you have from the chat, in the comments below. I would also love if you had anyone who needs to hear this message. that you share it out to them. 

The quote I mentioned: " We must walk consciously only part way towards our goal, and then leap into the dark towards our success" - Henry David Thoreau. 

For more information & to attend The Bridge head here

The video of one of our days in the village in Tanzania. 

Are you a member of Conscious Boss Clique on Facebook? 

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Change your Mindset, Change your Life with Garrain Jones

You can also listen over on iTunes here. 

Join me as I sit down with Garrain Jones as we cover how to Change your Mindset, to Change your life!
I dig deep into the story of Garrain Jones- a now master network marketer, serial entrepreneur & multi millionaire personal development artist. 
He wasn't always this way. Garrain has also been through:

- Being houseless for 9 years
- Living in a car for 2 years
- Being put in a drier when he was a boy
- A drug dealer father, who was murdered
- French Prison for 2 1/2 years

Learn how to:

- Overcome adversity
- Heal old wounds
- CHANGE YOUR LIFE (no biggie!)

Make sure you check him out on Soundcloud, and  then grab my FREE Ebook here to learn about how to take your wellness business to 6 figures! You can also check out the VIDEO with Garrain and I below.  

I would love to know... what was the biggest take away for you?

Huge love, and courageous consciousness,

Em xx

Emily Boss
The power of letting go

Conscious Boss!

Have you ever found yourself in states of





Because life has thrown you a curve-ball?

Do you have ways to manage your emotions, actions & life when unexpected change occurs?

This podcast is for you... There is so much power in letting go...


Louisa Currie
More passion, better relationships & a juicier life with life & business coach Travis Barton

Ever wondered what it would feel like to live a life on your terms? ( No doubt)

Are you curious about what it takes to create a life, business & community that is an extension of you & your values?

Want to know what life would feel like to live on fire? With passionate relationships, vibrant health, positive mindset and an abundant business?

Then this session with one of the most passionate & rad guys I know... International Life & Business coach Travis Barton is going to show you how... we discuss (among many other juicy topics)...

How Travis asks “how is this possible?” , instead of “is this possible?”

How in his early 20-‘s Travis was lost in life, in a deep depression & surrounded with average people & how he turned it around.

The power of making a list of what is going to make you happy

The impact of meeting one person and the one thing Travis was told that changed everything for him.

The power of mentors

Why you can’t wait for people to come and change you, how you must change yourself.

How when you are comfortable with the idea of being alone forever, that is the place you will have the most powerful relationship.

Why you need to settle UP & be constantly re-evaluating your standards.

How to know when to compromise & the shift of how you do this.

Why living in alignment with your values brings absolute clarity.

Why you need to be what it is you want to attract, and how this puts you in ultimate control of your results.

Travis’s morning success routine

What Travis does to maintain the love and passion in his relationship

The conditioning we have around ‘female’ and ‘male’ traits, and how we can all be more open, vulnerable and connect more.

Why we need to take off our masks and just be more human.

Why we need to slow down in order to know ourselves and be happier.

The impact of your environment and your relationships.     

Why you should embrace negativity to strengthen your journey

Why you need to give more of what you don’t have in order to get it

I had so much fun jamming with Travis on these topics, I would love to know your thoughts or if you heard something that made you rethink an area of your life!

Connect with Travis on his online home here

Or listen (and subscribe) over on iTunes

Let me know your thoughts below glorious people... what are YOUR values? 

Are you living in alignment with them?

Did this interview wake anything in you?

Massive love.

Em xx

Louisa Currie
Authentic relationships, modern day masculinity & men in Yoga with Daniel Scott

This weekend, at my first ever Wanderlust festival, I sat down with the flexi, fun & flamboyant Daniel Scott

A little about Daniel: Daniel is a yogi provocateur with a fresh alternative to the traditional “yoga voice”. His classes are a lively mix of balance, improvisation, strength, and flexibility. With a great focus on moving into postures— not through them.

 Daniel is one of the most sought-after and experienced Certified Level 2 AcroYoga instructors in the world. Outside of the studio, he enjoys barefoot running, street art, good coffee, large quantities, and great qualities. Daniel Scott is deeply dedicated to sharing the journey from self-conscious to self-aware by answering the ever-present question: Are you moving or being moved? 

We got to chatting about 

- How his moustache has helped him step into his manhood

- How we need to care less about how it looks & more about how it feels (not just in yoga)

- The story of how he met his girlfriend (it may surprise you!)

- How to navigate being authentic & building business when creating a personal brand

- Lots more, jump in below to check it out.

You can also check out the podcast over on

If you're in Auckland this weekend, catch Daniel at Urban Ashram for a series of workshops... definitely head along and check him out. 

As always, I would love any thoughts, comments or what you got out of this chat, below.

Massive love.

Em x

Louisa Currie
Start ups, skincare & building an award winning brand with Sara Quilter of Tailor Skincare

Hey Conscious Bosses,

Join me & Sara Quilter, founder & CEO of Tailor Skincare as we chat about...

Why trusting in the process is the secret to success.

Why what you want to create, isn’t always going to come in the way you expect.

Sara’s top 3 things that you need to do to look after your skin.

Why you have to stop and take moments to appreciate & acknowledge your success & journey.

How Sara wasn’t sure how she was going to start but her gut told her she had to do it.

After studying at uni she still didn’t know what she wanted to do or be.

A normal day in Sara’s world & why the morning is the most important part of her day.

Why you need to ‘eat the frog’ in the morning.

The pivotal moment in her business that kept her going when she wanted to quit.

The waves & different types of customers in your business.

The 4 key people that you need to have in your life.

The importance of knowing when to share your ideas & goals & with who.

What Sara would tell to a younger version of herself.

Why it’s important to create a win in you life or business every day.

Sara’s vision for Tailor, how she approaches planning for her business.

Some of the challenges that product based businesses face.

Why you need to play the long game in business.

Why slow & sustainable business growth has served Sara & the business.

Why you need to be surrounded by people who have different skills & points of view to you.

So much more...

If you're ready to join a group of game-changing women up-levelling their lives & receive exclusive training from me & mentors like Sara, join us in Conscious Boss Clique Online today!


Louisa Currie
Building a global brand with celebrity brand strategist Phil Pallen

Want to know the MUST DO's to build a powerful brand?

Need to know how to stand out online?

Wondering if you should build a personal brand vs your business brand?

Want to make sure you are focussing on what really matters when in the crucial building stage of your brand and business?

We have all that and so much more in today's session with my new best friend, Canadian born, LA based, Phil Pallen

A little about Phil:

With more than 200 client projects in his back pocket, he jumps between Santa Monica and London offices. Phil shares his branding systems as a keynote speaker at conferences across the globe like iMedia Brand Summit Japan and New Media Europe in the UK. He is an author, podcaster, and avid collector of airline points.

Our clients are scattered around the world. You've seen them making deals on Shark Tank, advising country leaders, strutting their stuff on Dancing with the Stars, winning a Nobel Peace Prize, and changing lives with an incredible business idea.

Enjoy our session!


If you are looking to get more support on the must do's to build your brand, you can jump into Phil's online academy at a super discounted price for Conscious Bosses!

You can also listen to the podcast over at iTunes!

I would love to hear what you took out of this podcast & where you are at with building your business & brand.

Huge Love,

Em x

Louisa Currie
The power of vulnerability & connection as an artist with recording artist Ciaran McMeeken

Join me & recording artist Ciaran McMeeken as we go deep... A few things we talk about: Trusting where you're at, even when you're not sure you're in the right place. How repetition is the way to mastery The importance of passion to get you through your fears The game changing moment that changed everything for Ciarian Breaking away from 'lad' culture & finding a new identity The power of being vulnerable & open with others And so much more... Subscribe over on iTunes, share this episode & I would love to know any learnings you have from the conversation.

Louisa Currie