Podcast: EP 1 BTS Takeover: What We Wish We Had Known Before Becoming Entrepreneurs with Alexi Panos and Natalie Ellis

Welcome to the Answer the Call Podcast! I am so excited to share this show with you. Here’s what you can expect from the podcast:

Have you ever felt the call? You know that feeling you get when you’re inspired, moved, curious, or even frustrated? That feeling inside telling you there's more to life than what you’re experiencing? Join me, Emily Gallagher, entrepreneur, humanitarian, and founder of business coaching company Conscious Boss, as I share conversations with world changers, entrepreneurs, experts and thought leaders giving their tangible, actionable, tools, insights and behind the scenes success stories about how they have answered the call.

I’ll be dropping episodes every Wednesday (but you get one new episode every day this week for launch week!) and I can’t wait to share these conversations, and my own lessons, with you.

In this first episode, I sit down for a behind-the-scenes roundtable discussion with two of my amazing peers and friends, Alexi Panos, of Epic and The Bridge Experience, and Natalie Ellis, of Boss Babe Inc., on what we wish we had known before we started our businesses. We each share the top 3 things that could’ve saved us time, money, stress, and frustration – and would’ve helped us accelerate our success. 

We dive into the behind-the-scenes of what it actually costs to build a business – not only in terms of money but also in time, energy, and pressure. We dish the details on building an epic team and what it really takes to be an entrepreneur.

Don’t ask, how am I going to do this? Ask, who is going to help me do this?
— Natalie Ellis




  • Why the right team is so important to building a business (1:24)

  • How to justify paying someone to do part of your job (3:49)

  • Why procedures help onboard someone successfully to your team (5:50)

  • What it actually costs to build a business (6:45)

  • Why the glamor of entrepreneurship can be misleading (8:27)

  • How important it is to bring play into your business (13:20)

  • How to avoid a “launch addiction loop” (17:50)

  • The key around tapping into what feels good (25:28)

  • Ways to identify and overcome imposter syndrome (27:10)

  • The power of equal relationships to elevate your business (33:32)

  • Why it’s important to be unapologetic about your ambitions and do your best (43:02)

  • How each area of your life is always flowing into the next (47:33)

  • The importance of always treating people well (51:34)

  • The top 3 things we wish we had known before we got into business (55:42)




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