Podcast: EP 6 Balancing Play and Achievement in Order to Thrive with Alyssa Nobriga

I absolutely love the woman I talked to on today’s episode, the divine Alyssa Nobriga. I am so grateful to call Alyssa a sister and friend, and she has been a pivotal part of my experience here in LA. She truly radiates love, and every time I’m around her, I feel at peace and inspired.

Alyssa is an entrepreneur and leader in the coaching and consciousness industry. She’s a licensed marriage and family therapist and works as a professional coach with individuals and corporations.

She obtained her masters degree in Clinical Psychology, specializing in Mind-Body Psychotherapy from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology.  Alyssa is currently on faculty at the University of Santa Monica where she holds a second master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology, with an emphasis on Consciousness, Health and Healing.  She is a graduate of Byron Katie’s School for The Work, is certified as a success coach and has extensive training in Imago Couples Therapy as well as an advanced certification from the Hakomi Institute in mindfulness-based therapeutic practices.

What we talk about is everything I love - how to overcome feelings of unworthiness or imposter syndrome, the importance of keeping up your own inner work as a coach, how to balance work and play in order to thrive beyond what you imagined possible, and more. I’m very excited to hear your feedback on this episode, so let Alyssa and I know what you think on Instagram or this blog!

Anything we push against we’re stuck with.
— Alyssa Nobriga



  • How to balance your spiritual side with your practical side (2:20)

  • What it looks like to be in the process of becoming yourself (6:47)

  • How to make the process of inner work fun (11:13)

  • How to reconnect to your worthiness (15:32)

  • Why the things we avoid are the key to our freedom (17:12)

  • How to re-find your worth when you feel "less than" around others (24:02)

  • Ways to manage your inner critic (28:24)

  • What Alyssa has learned from working with men versus women on leadership (33:07)

  • How to balance between play and achievement (37:25)

  • How to reframe anything that’s causing you pain and suffering in your life (44:25)

  • Alyssa's non-negotiables for creating a balanced life (49:33)