Change your Mindset, Change your Life with Garrain Jones

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Join me as I sit down with Garrain Jones as we cover how to Change your Mindset, to Change your life!
I dig deep into the story of Garrain Jones- a now master network marketer, serial entrepreneur & multi millionaire personal development artist. 
He wasn't always this way. Garrain has also been through:

- Being houseless for 9 years
- Living in a car for 2 years
- Being put in a drier when he was a boy
- A drug dealer father, who was murdered
- French Prison for 2 1/2 years

Learn how to:

- Overcome adversity
- Heal old wounds
- CHANGE YOUR LIFE (no biggie!)

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I would love to know... what was the biggest take away for you?

Huge love, and courageous consciousness,

Em xx

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