All Things Building & Scaling Your Business

I went live on Instagram diving into Q & A about all things building & scaling business…

It was a super juicy live session, and since it was only available for 24 hours on Instagram, I wanted to share it here so you don’t miss any of the insights.

I covered:

  • Low-priced products vs premium-priced products - when to do which and WHY

  • What to do when you have ALL the ideas and not sure which to choose

  • Key mindset practices to keep you sane (& HAPPY) while you build your business

  • What to do when you can’t seem to get clients (and why)

  • Why no one cares about ‘what you do’

  • How to sell

  • Why it matters SO MUCH who you’re hanging out with



If you’re in biz, looking to get into biz or just need a serious dose of inspo, check it out.

And if you're looking to uplevel, to build powerful connections with women in business who have your back, who inspire & ignite you... If you’re looking to get guidance, support, 1:1 mentoring with me on & in YOUR business… make sure you check out my program Step Up To 6-Figures.

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