The Mask of Masculinity & Living a life of Greatness with Lewis Howes

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Recently when I was in LA, I had the pleasure of connecting with Lewis to chat about his new book

The Mask of Masculinity. 

This conversation is for EVERYBODY. Women & men alike. 

I am a big believer that women have a role to play in the opening up of our men.

Creating safe spaces for them to be vulnerable & share themselves. 

In this conversation Lewis & I speak about a vast array of topics...everything from

Lewis's daily rituals for success

The turning point for his own masculinity & ability to open up

Why Lewis wanted to write this book, and why now

What we need to ask ourselves, and do if we want to live into our vision

What he wants women to know about men

How he went from being broke on his sister's couch to building a 7 figure business 

So many more valuable insights. I absolutely loved having this conversation, and I think it is a super important conversation for us all. I would love to hear what YOU take away from this interview.

Please share with me below in the comments section!

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Please share your thoughts on this interview below... I want to know how this lands with you!

Em xx

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