Open wide in your business relationships & life with Melissa Ambrosini

When I was in Sydney recently I caught up for a deep dive conversation with Author, Coach, Speaker and all around Goddess, Melissa Ambrosini and we chatted all things:

Love, Business, Communication, Boundaries, People Pleasing, Relationships and Health. 

This is a babe who has been blazing a trail in the personal development world for years now, and has created a beautiful, inspiring & connected business. I have absolutely nothing but respect for her... and meeting her in person only amplified that. She is exactly who she shows herself to be online- and that, to me, is what I look for in people I admire... it isn't the accolades, or the money... but their way of being, amongst that success...


In this interview

- We speak about how to step into your worthiness (and why that is SO important if you want anything juicy in life)
- How Melissa has built her multiple 6 figure business
- The key to lasting & powerful relationships
- How to stop people pleasing ( and WHY this is so crucial)

So much more.. 

You can watch the full video interview or listen to the audio below, or you can listen to the podcast over on iTunes

Video Interview



For more on Melissa & to get her book:

Share below...what did you think of this conversation? Did you learn anything new about yourself? Were you challenged by anything we spoke about? 

As always, in courageous consciousness.


Em xx

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