More passion, better relationships & a juicier life with life & business coach Travis Barton

Ever wondered what it would feel like to live a life on your terms? ( No doubt)

Are you curious about what it takes to create a life, business & community that is an extension of you & your values?

Want to know what life would feel like to live on fire? With passionate relationships, vibrant health, positive mindset and an abundant business?

Then this session with one of the most passionate & rad guys I know... International Life & Business coach Travis Barton is going to show you how... we discuss (among many other juicy topics)...

How Travis asks “how is this possible?” , instead of “is this possible?”

How in his early 20-‘s Travis was lost in life, in a deep depression & surrounded with average people & how he turned it around.

The power of making a list of what is going to make you happy

The impact of meeting one person and the one thing Travis was told that changed everything for him.

The power of mentors

Why you can’t wait for people to come and change you, how you must change yourself.

How when you are comfortable with the idea of being alone forever, that is the place you will have the most powerful relationship.

Why you need to settle UP & be constantly re-evaluating your standards.

How to know when to compromise & the shift of how you do this.

Why living in alignment with your values brings absolute clarity.

Why you need to be what it is you want to attract, and how this puts you in ultimate control of your results.

Travis’s morning success routine

What Travis does to maintain the love and passion in his relationship

The conditioning we have around ‘female’ and ‘male’ traits, and how we can all be more open, vulnerable and connect more.

Why we need to take off our masks and just be more human.

Why we need to slow down in order to know ourselves and be happier.

The impact of your environment and your relationships.     

Why you should embrace negativity to strengthen your journey

Why you need to give more of what you don’t have in order to get it

I had so much fun jamming with Travis on these topics, I would love to know your thoughts or if you heard something that made you rethink an area of your life!

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Let me know your thoughts below glorious people... what are YOUR values? 

Are you living in alignment with them?

Did this interview wake anything in you?

Massive love.

Em xx

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