Business, Masculinity, Relationships, Sexuality & Life - A Conscious Conversation with Preston Smiles

Join me and absolute game changer, author, transformational coach, speaker, humanitarian, my brother from another mother – Preston Smiles, as we have a deep dive conscious conversation all about the below & so much more. 

-       Our EPIC fellowship trip in Tanzania, Africa – where we recorded this

-       What it is Preston really does, and what Love means to him

-       How to know what to ‘call yourself’ as a coach / entrepreneur & how to market that

-       How to, but also WHY you have to honour your value & step into your own power

-       Why you have to LEAP into the unknown to achieve your goals

-       Why being a control freak will not serve you

-       Why avoiding discomfort is unnatural & keeping you stuck

-       What Preston gives no F’**s a about

-       Why we will never ‘get there’

-       Why we need to schedule in our breakthroughs

-       Why a lot of men don’t know what it means to make love & how this affects women

-       How to feel fulfilled & not just ‘check off’ achievements

-       How the feminine is being drowned out & how to reclaim it

-       The importance of understanding masculinity & femininity for both men and women

-       What makes up the masculine, and the feminine

-       What the biggest drug in the world is … it’s not what you think

-       Why surrounding ourselves with people who are different to us is key for creating change

-       The one thing you have to do if you want a conscious relationship

-       What Preston most wants you to know, and do

-       How to work with Preston & be up in his Mancave 

- SO Much MORE

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I really loved this conversation, & would love to hear any take-aways you have from the chat, in the comments below. I would also love if you had anyone who needs to hear this message. that you share it out to them. 

The quote I mentioned: " We must walk consciously only part way towards our goal, and then leap into the dark towards our success" - Henry David Thoreau. 

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The video of one of our days in the village in Tanzania. 

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