I made $10,000 while snowboarding - what this means about play in business.

Do you ever find yourself in any of these situations? 

Waiting for everything to be perfect before jumping in/ going live/ launching (fill in the blank).

Making a list of ‘to do’s’ so big that you’re paralysed into inaction?

Having so much to say, so instead, you say nothing?  

Or any variation of this reality?

If you’re someone with big dreams and goals (which I know you are because you’re here)…

Then I know you do.

Yeah, me too.

Its been such a busy year, but especially the past few months, with a TED talk, a launch, a sell-out Australian event, and a Conscious Boss Retreat in Byron Bay- as well as having an operation. (I’m fine, but I am on a healing hiatus right now.)

I had SO much to share, to tell you about, that I paralysed myself from writing this!

When in reality, I just wanted to drop in and give you some love. 

I don’t need to upload all the images to the website, get everything totally perfect so I can share this message with you.

 No. I can just show up, here with you, and share the rest later. (Could the same be true for you?!)

Hopefully your inbox has stopped being hit with Black Friday sales & Cyber Monday deals… Today I just want to remind you, that YES, the end of the year is here… and YES, you can create SO much value, momentum and growth in this time, and the new year gives an energetic renewal simply as so many people are turning a new page…

 AND every single day is an opportunity for you to show up fully... and just because a new year is approaching, if YOUR personal story is rest, renew, reflect & restore, then HONOUR that.

That’s exactly what I am doing.  

I know right now I am in a time of rest, or allowing my body to rest & heal, for my mind, my inspiration to restore, and to reignite. A space for reflection, for new ideas, and new direction to take shape. And while that can bring some fear with it, I know it is also a necessary part of my personal evolution and what I am calling in next.

So maybe this is true for you too?

If you feel like you’re fighting against the grain to MAKE yourself create results… the reality is, you’re more likely to be doing yourself a disservice instead of moving yourself closer to your goals. 

Here’s a few prompts on how to decide which stage you’re in, and your best next action to take.

1. Allow.

Yourself to tune in, and really get honest about what you’re feeling. Emotionally, physically, spiritually. Our bodies are SUCH powerful teachers, and if we really listen they will guide us. 

Have you been pushing yourself and are due a break? 

Are you experiencing fear around resting? Dig deeper into what the fear is… Is it based on the here and NOW, or is it based on a future experience, like possibly running out of money, or not getting that deal, or what might happen IF (fill in the blank)…

 What matters is what you need right NOW.

Take out your journal and free write into asking what you really need. I recently journalled and realised I was ‘getting through’ all of my to-do’s but in a way that meant I was basically ‘getting through’ my whole life, and not really being present. This realisation gave me a huge wake up call and made me see I needed to add more play and presence into everything I did. Try it on!

2. Honour the call.

Energy is always in motion, so when you get the call for rest, push, work, play… honour it, trust it. The more in tune we can get with our physical and emotional energy, the more productive and happy we will be. It can be counter-intuitive to honour a call for play when you are mid-launch, or mid-project - I get it. Sometimes conditions mean we need to push through more than other times... AND there is always room for what feels good… I recently made over $10,000 in 24 hours when I was snowboarding – mid launch, because I knew that that was what my soul was calling me to do. 

Believe it or not, rest and play are actually CRUCIAL parts of building not just a successful life, but a successful business too. The same is true for proactive & productive energy – when the energy and the call is there, honour it, and utilise it!

3. Get real.

How long have you been feeling this way?

If you’re stuck in overwhelm, if you’re feeling depressed, anxious, burnt out or unproductive... how long have you felt this way? If you’ve been stuck in ‘waiting to figure it out’ or ‘rest’ or burnout mode for longer than a few weeks or a month, then its time to step in and shake things up. 

When we truly honour what’s being asked, I believe the energy changes on its own. But if we’re hanging out in stagnation, sometimes we need to intervene. 

Recently, when creating my TED talk, I felt like I was getting close to depression & burnout due to overwhelm – and had been that way for 3 weeks. I had a chat to my brother, who said to me- “you’re not listening”... and what he meant was I had burnt out earlier in the year as well, and it was life calling me to do things differently, but I wasn’t listening.

Have you had similar calls from life, showing up in burnout, stress and overwhelm? These are all opportunities for us to look at how we are doing things & assess if they really work for us.

I then decided I needed to shake up my routine, do things a bit differently and give myself a kick out of that place, by adding in spiritual books & teachers, regular meditation, more play, friends & overall just taking the pressure off myself. 

What that could look like for you: Co-working instead of working from home, taking a whole day off to play, hiring a coach, attending an event, seeking support, and a whollleee lot of SURRENDER.

4. Flow.

Flow is in and it is out. 

Breathe in, Breathe out. 

Tide in, Tide out. 

Sun up, Sun Down. 

So why, as glorious beings of this universe, would it be any different for us? We all want flow when it looks like kicking goals, productivity and what is socially deemed as acceptable…

But we seem to resist it when it looks more like introspection, confusion, doubt & rest.

However, these are JUST as important in creation as all the rest. Sometimes life has to slow down even when we don’t understand why, to put us onto a new path. And that can be uncomfortable and scary- so the more we take all the above steps, and tune in, honour, allow and do what we need to do within that, then we must surrender and flow with life. 

A book that supported me during this time, is called When things fall apart by Pema Chodron. 

The more you can remind yourself that the discomfort is not a sign that something is wrong, but a sign that things are simply as they should be. The more you can surrender into allowing it to be, so that it will flow into a new tide even quicker.

Wherever you’re at right now, I want you to take the best care of yourself as you can during this end of year time when energies & expectations are heightened. Knowing that if you’re committed, if you keep showing up, taking inspired action, playing, resting and allowing the journey to new co-creation… you will get everything you’ve every wanted… most of all, you will have peace. And is that not what is most important after all?

“In all things patience is the key to victory. Those who cannot endure cannot hope to win. Ultimate triumph belongs to those who can forbear.” – Daisaku Ikeda

Share with me in the comments below- does one of these tips stand out for you? What are you working and growing through right now? 

In love.

Em x


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