1:1 Coaching.

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Can you feel how juicy that would be? 

To be so proud, confident, courageous and focussed... that you are truly SHINING?

That's my mission in life, to get you to that place.

Want to spend the day with me & map out your 5 or 6 figure business plan? 

Intensive VIP days are the only way to work with me 1:1 & I am excited to offer these in person in the United States, London, Australia & New Zealand (other locations upon request or globally ONLINE). 

If you're driven & passionate & looking to have your hand held privately by me as we leverage your business to finally allow you the lifestyle you have always wanted, then this option is for you.

What you can expect from a VIP Day with me? 

- Initial intake call to get clear on where you're at and to create our plan for our time together

- Getting laser focussed on your business goals - we're talking income, community, reach, collabs, programmes, all of it

- Getting clear on your ideal clients, the products & programmes you need to create for them, how to PRICE them

- Money mindset hacking

- Rewiring limiting beliefs standing in your way

- Building out a 90 day plan to execute

- 2 follow up calls to ensure you're moving forward and integrating

- 30 days of Email support

- Delicious snacks and treats on the day to fuel our game changing brainstorming and action taking (obviously)

For more information or to apply for a 1/2 or full day VIP 1:1 Intensive, share your goals with me below. 

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Who is this for?

You're a spiritually minded, passionate, conscious babe who is creating (or dreaming of) a business that is here to do good in the world. You care for others deeply. You crave adventure. Freedom. Expansion. Impact.

You're looking to build a powerful tribe of collaborators, friends and community around you and your mission.

You're not that into 'things' yet you desire to be able to ramp up your  lifestyle & self care, a few notches... To be able to take yourself for massages, facials (and take your besties too) because you know the best YOU, is better for the world.

You'd love to stay in a beautiful Air Bnb when you travel, because you know beautiful spaces make you more productive and feel like the Goddess you are.

You crave to feel that next abundance in your life, and you know that your business is the path to get you there.

You're the babe for me!

A little more specifically...

- You're a coach or an online service entrepreneur

- Either early stage, looking to get laser focussed on launching your business powerfully

- You're a little more established and finally ready to up level to 6 figures

- You want the exact plan to turn these ideas and plans, into REALITY

It's time boo.

Here's what some babes are saying about working with me...



Jenna Hitchcock- The Wellness Seeker

Working with Emily and the tools she gave me created huge shifts in my life and business in SO many ways!

After hearing from a friend how much Emily had helped her with her start up business I knew I wanted to not only work with her but be part of the community she creates with Conscious Boss and her programmes.

One year on my life looks completely different to how it was when we first began! After 3 months of stepping out completely from my beauty clinic I am now in the middle of selling that business and my home and will be travelling the world while being of service to women in a way that lights me up and brings me so much joy. This is the dream life I have always imagined for myself and I am so grateful!

If you are stuck in a place where you want to be doing something more aligned in your work and coaching others is calling you forward, Emily is your woman to guide and help you create the abundance waiting for you."

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Jacqui Sive - Life and Business Coach 

" Before working with Emily, I was somebody who was very confused, somebody who was very overwhelmed somebody who had a dream but didn't know how to turn it into reality.

 Since working with Emily and since undergoing the incredible training that she offers and I mean she covers everything guys everything you want to know about building a truly conscious business whether you are a coach whether you’re a service based wellness provider whoever you are out there if you have a dream you have a passion to truly create and do good in this world Emily Gallagher is your girl.

She is incredible so she truly helped me to take my business from zero figures, and I'm talking real zero figures to $5,000 in the first month of officially being a coach. I would happily and wholeheartedly recommend Emily Gallagher  to everybody and anybody out there truly wanting to make a difference in this world and truly truly make an impact. If you are thinking about working with her, do it you will not regret it.


Ella Worsley - Women's Empowerment Coach 

"Since working with Emily, I quit my job at the end of last year and stepped into full time coaching. Since then I have been building my dream business. I’ve worked with numerous 1:1 clients, coached my first couple and I’ve booked out my first online program with 12 beautiful women which launches next week.

Everything. Like literally everything has changed since working with Emily. My mindset, my business is booming and I am living my ideal life every single day. My confidence, belief in myself and my business mindset has completely shifted.

My relationship with myself and my business has changed completely. I have this crazy belief in myself that I never use to have. I’m obsessed with building my business and getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. I feel like I can always count on her, she consistently shows up and adds values and goes above and beyond what’s expected.

100% work with Emily - she’s amazing! You will not regret it! She will show you what’s possibly for your life and your business and she will hold your hand whilst you make it happen.


If you want these results for YOURSELF, hit the button below to share your goals with me, and book in for a complimentary discovery call. 

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