A few things about Emily.

Emily Gallagher is a connector, coach, speaker, experience creator & master collaborator.

Emerging coach of the year finalist 2016.

Women's Entrepreneur Day Ambassador for New Zealand.

Creator of Conscious Boss Clique, a growing network of 600 wellness entrepreneurs who come together in person and online to learn from business leaders & to connect as a community.

Emily has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs privately, through her group coaching programmes and events and is passionate about creating a conscious community of collaboration, connection & empowerment.    

A few things about me...

Being a coach means I have the privilege of getting very up close and personal in the lives of my clients. I am also a huge believer that every part of our story somewhere, or somehow plays a part in the bigger plan. Here are a few insights into me, my story & what got me to where I am today.

  • From 18-24 I was a huge partier , often spending Thursday - Sunday awake at raves and day parties 

  • My dream growing up was to be a CEO of a multinational organisation

  • I studied Foreign exchange trading in Hong Kong

  • I have a business degree majoring in International Business & Economics

  • I used to be a Chief Stewardess on superyachts in the mediterranean

  • I used to Au Pair in Italy

  • At age 24 I lost my Dad to a 4 year battle with cancer

  • My brother is a coach and was the first place I heard of coaching

  • I’ve invested over $100,000 in my personal development & trained in person with Gabrielle Bernstein, Tony Robbins, Dr John Demartini, and many other legendary thought leaders

  • I have been to 6 / 7 continents and lived in 5 of them (South Africa, Italy, LA, Australia, Hong Kong)

  • I studied Life Coaching in 2015

  • I used to have a network marketing business

  • I was community manager for Lululemon athletica 

  • I am weirdly obsessed with health food stores and pharmacies

  • Public speaking still scares me

  • Yoga sometimes makes me angry … but I LOVE a good Yin class
  • I'm obsessed with helping people step up in their lives & LOVE my clients 
  •  My primary belief is that the Universe is always conspiring in my favour  

Because she competes with no one, so no one competes with her

- Lao Tzu

As a life & business coach to driven wellness entrepreneurs, I specialise in helping you reconnect to your flame inside...

To remind you...

You are enough...

Your dream is worth it...

That your passion can be monetised...

That life is about love not fear... 

I have a ‘no settle’ attitude for the standards we should have in our lives and businesses.

YES you can be surrounded by a community of like-minded friends & mentors who inspire you.

YES you can create a massive business doing what you love.

YES you can make a positive impact to the global community through your work

YES you can collaborate with like minded businesses to grow.

YES I will be by your side pushing you to create the life you set out to create at the beginning of this journey.

You're ready my love...


"I remember a time when I used to live in fear, doubt & frustration. Can you relate? Wondering when your dreams are going to become a reality."

Em, you deserve a thousand medals and I cannot thank you enough for your love, support & guidance. My business & my life are both so much richer and I have you to thank.

 - Ashleigh Turley, Eskimo Nell

Me and Dr John  Demartini

Me and Dr John  Demartini

Me and Gabrielle Bernstein

Me and Gabrielle Bernstein