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“This programme has changed my entire life, and I do not say that lightly. I'm attracting more wealth and abundance than I ever have in the history of my business. In now month I made the same a amount than in the entire first year in my business.”

Em’s held my hand through all of it. If you're watching this video then there's something speaking to you about this programme. Listen to the niggle. Before logical mind gets in the way and tells you all the reasons why you shouldn't, feel into the reasons why you should. Thank you for all of your help Em, and I can't wait to continue to work with you because you're amazing!

- Hollie Azzopardi, Empowerment Coach

“She's been the pivotal moment for my success in my business, and I'm so grateful.”

The Step Up To 6-Figure course was incredible. In the first 3 weeks, I made over fifteen thousand dollars, and that was, like, unfathomable before because I had a limiting belief that I was not worthy of calling in money and abundance. But the moment I had paid for this course, I told the universe that I'm taking my business seriously, and I want to up-level, and as a result and with the tools from Emily, I was able to get to that next level.

- Nikki Ayers, Speaker & Coach

Karishma Kelsey - Karishma Design

“I was held accountable. I felt held. I felt cared for.”

I just wanted to say thank you so much for being such an inspiring and authentic mentor and business coach.

When I joined the business Bootcamp, I had very clear goals and very clear visions, and I am actually quite self-motivated. I was held accountable. I felt held. I felt cared for. I felt like I could be vulnerable. I felt that I could just share that I was felling tired, and that it would be ok. It was the energy that you brought to the space. So for me and Karishma Designs, and what you’ve done for us, I want to really thank you, thank you, thank you, and I definitely endorse Emily Gallagher as a Conscious Boss business coach.

Karina Bolland - Balancing Act

“You just leave feeling energised, motivated and confident.”

I absolutely loved Emily’s Conscious Boss Bootcamp. It was informative, motivating, inspiring, enlightening; it was just amazing. Emily takes you step-by-step and guides you along the way and doesn’t overwhelm you. It’s a very holistic approach. She doesn’t just focus on the business side, also your mindset. She is so inspirational and authentic and has this ability to connect with you. Another amazing thing about the Bootcamp was this connection and bond we all formed. It was just incredibly inspiring. You just leave feeling energised, motivated and confident, and you’re like, “Yeah I can do it.” And I just couldn’t wait to implement everything that we’ve learnt. So I could not recommend her more. She is just fantastic, and I absolutely loved it.

"When I invested in myself and enlisted Emily's help as a business coach, oh, my gosh, did I see results! The amount of money that I invested in this course, in Emily and myself, I actually doubled in the first month."

- Stevie Nupier, Co-Founder of Stevie and Tay

“I've had this incredible journey over the last 4 months of stopping working for other people and going all in on my business, and launching my first group coaching programme and just stepped out of my comfort zones in so many ways.”

- Lizzie Moult, Intuitive Business Strategist, Success Coach, Podcast Host, Speaker


“I think what really enabled me to have so much growth and movement in that time was the accountability piece. We were given tasks which obviously are going to lead us to success. Setting up models inside of our business, getting really clear was absolutely the most important part for me especially being at the beginning of my business.”

Emily’s encouragement to us and not letting us give up on ourselves – if we committed to something she always made sure we followed through with that.

On top of that the incredible community, I can’t explain how much it is important to be connected with other incredible people doing the same thing. Being in a tribe when you are trying to do something pretty massive is very, very valuable so thank you very much to Emily, and I highly recommend Bootcamp.

- Nikkola Pickering , Life Coach

“It's so worth the investment. I tripled my investment. That was something I want to when I signed up, I was like financially I want to triple it, and I did.

When I first started, I was still working full time as a lawyer and I had an idea and I knew I wanted to be a coach, but I didn't know exactly what it looked like, and Em was amazing at helping me find my authentic voice and build a business that aligned with my values. And since then I've gone full-time in my coaching business, and I also started another startup with some co-founders.

- Briony McKenzie

“I think the best thing for me about the programme was just being surrounded by a high caliber of women where it became normal to become a high achiever.”

I am now consistently earning a higher amount of money, I have consistent clients coming in but I've also up-leveled who I'm working with. I'm charging more, I've raised my prices, I've decreased the amount of one-on-one’s, I'm launching a group programme, I'm holding online masterclasses so all of these things that I wanted to do before but I didn't know how or I was too afraid, I'm now doing in my business and they just feel normal.

- Erica Carrico, International Life Coach

Ashleigh Turley - Eskimo Nell

“What you will achieve is unfathomable.”

Hi, I’m Ash, and I just really want to quickly tell you that if you have a business or you are thinking about starting a business you must, like absolutely must, sign up for Em’s Bootcamp. What you will achieve is unfathomable. If you do nothing else for your business this year, it must be this. You must go and sign up, like today, immediately, no hesitation. You will never ever regret it. It is going to be the best thing you ever do. So you can thank me later, but for now, go sign up.

Jenene Crossan - Serial Entrepreneur & Investor

“It’s refreshing to see someone driven by the goal of contentment.”

Emily has impressed me since we first met with her passion, consideration and enthusiasm for health, wellbeing and personal accountability.

We have connected and deep-delved on a raft of subjects that show me that she’s a deep thinker and conscious of the way she carries herself to get to a happy place in life. It’s refreshing to see someone driven by the goal of contentment.

Four things that Emily gave me after just ONE 45 minute coaching phone call in regards to my business: Clarity, confidence, inspiration and direction.
— Maddison Parker - Naturopath

“The best part about working with Emily is that whilst all the strategy is covered, and you know, it is about how to grow your business in a really effective way, but it's also about how you do that in a way that also aligns with your intuition and your soul.”

I just felt so supported and really deeply nurtured by Emily and the way that she carried out her own business that I wanted to be a part of it. And thanks to Emily and the Step Up To 6-Figures programme I am now so much more confident in my abilities to grow and scale a business and to be able to help more people in a way that feels really aligned.

- Inez Bye, Fitness & Mindset Coach

“Getting crystal clear on this stuff, having the support of Emily, having the support of the other incredible woman who jumped in as well, I highly, highly recommend it, and it's invaluable, 100% invaluable.”

She's amazing. She walks the walk. She talks the talk. She shows up for herself. She's real. She's vulnerable. She's honest. She's straight up. She gets results. She doesn't waste your time. She is really passionate about what she does, and she wants to see you succeed and get results, too.

- Nikii Syme, Love Unleashed

I went from not having a business at all to actually achieving my first sale. Emily gives you the tools and strategies to build your business from the ground up but not only tools and strategies for your business but to unlock your own potential and get rid of those limiting mindset beliefs that hold us all back. I found this an amazing journey. Not just a journey to start my own business and change my lifestyle but a journey of self-discovery. “

- Gina Cambridge, Wanderlist Solo Women Tours

I did one of Emily's Conscious Boss Bootcamps and I just have to say the results are incredible. I learned how to actually package a coaching package. Emily's always there. She's always showing up. She's always not letting that negative energy, that Negative Nelly in your head taking over so you can go through each stage and each module and achieve the results that you are looking for.

- Grace Carter, The Break Space


“Em gives 110%. She is always available and so responsive and there by your side to help lift and help you grow in everything that you are doing throughout the course. I seriously recommend this wonderful course. It’s amazing. Its life-changing.”

When I joined the Conscious Boss Bootcamp I was really looking for a group of women who could understand and were going through the same sorts of entrepreneurial journeys and learnings that I was in my business. I was also looking for support on how to solidify my brand and my message. We covered some amazing topics in this course, everything from vision, goal setting, networking, collaborating and mindset.

What I loved most about the Conscious Boss Bootcamp was the women that I was surrounded by. So supportive. So willing to share their journeys and their knowledge and really just lift one another up. They will start as just other Conscious Boss Bootcamp participants and will end up being lifelong friends. They are purely magical.”

- Pip Honour, Lifestyle & Wellness Coach

Ayla Amano - Relationship Coach

“I got so much out of those weeks, more than I ever imagined I would.”

Two days after our final Bootcamp session, I just launched my relationship coaching business with a really amazing launch event which was a really wonderful night and just an awesome success. When I signed up for Conscious Boss Bootcamp I was at the point where I just new that I was so ready to start expressing who I am through my work and I was frustrated by not bringing this work out into the world. But I didn’t really have a clear idea on how to do that. I didn’t really know how to channel that energy, and I certainly didn’t know anything about business so connecting with Emily at that time was the right person at the right time to come into my life, and Bootcamp was a really great way to not only get coaching and support but also connect with other people who are at a similar place in their lives and with their business.

I signed up kind of not really know what I was getting myself into, and it turned out to be the most incredible, productive, supportive, fun, inspiring 6-week journey I could have ever hoped for. Having Emily share many of my core values meant that when it came to business I could talk to her from my heart about how I wanted to approach things, and what was important to me. And I knew she would understand that, and she was experienced in operating in a similar way. If you feel ready to step up and go for it then Conscious Boss is definitely for you.

Cleo Iggelsdon - Happy Moose Health

“I have launched 2 businesses in the amount of time it took me to do 1 Bootcamp.”

While the Bootcamp was going on, I had a moment where I thought of another business idea. And it was again one of those moments where it was like: Yep, Cleo this is something that is going to be big.

6 days after I thought of that idea, I closed my first client. And I was thinking… Is that real life? 6 days later and BOOM! First sale.

Bootcamp catapulted me forward 2 or 3 years ahead of what I could have accomplished on my own. So I see it as a HUGE investment!

So if you are thinking about doing Em’s Conscious Boss Bootcamp I would say this: JUST DO IT. Put that fear aside. Put aside that niggling little voice that says you are not good enough or you don't deserve this. I have launched 2 businesses in the amount of time it took me to do 1 Bootcamp. It just makes me so excited! I am buzzing. Love you Em!

Emily not only probed me with eye-opening questions, she made me realize my potential which has enabled me to double my client base in only 2 months! Emily is fierce, she is a visionary, and an ultimate soul sista! I am so blessed every day that I had the opportunity to work with her.
— Laura Cridge

Abergale Bremner - Women's Empowerment Coach

I jumped into her Bootcamp last year, and in that eight week period, I developed so much belief in my ability, and I got really clear on my vision and purpose. And that was the key for me in that first program, and then after that I decided I needed more, and I was really ready to take that vision and take that purpose and bring it to life, bring it to fruition.

So since then I've been I've joined Em on her six-month Conscious Boss Bootcamp, and wow the growth that I have had in this six months has been phenomenal. So as I said, I didn't have a business when I first started the second Bootcamp with Emily and since then I've launched my business, I have launched my first online program where I had twenty two incredible women I helped transform. I've now set up another business with my current partner. I've launched a second online program, I've got ten people in there at the moment, and I'm now launching my first spiritual awakening retreat in Bali which I'm super excited about in July, and a lot of that is credit to the incredible Emily and the container that she provides for the women that embark working with her and start working with her. Every week there is a module that provides so much value. She is always on board to support you in any capacity. She calls you out. She really does pull you forward, which she had to do a couple of times with me, but in a nutshell, she just... she just activates your potential, and she really accelerates your growth.

Abi website ready.png

Jenna Hitchcock- The Wellness Seeker

Working with Emily and the tools she gave me created huge shifts in my life and business in SO many ways!

After hearing from a friend how much Emily had helped her with her start up business I knew I wanted to not only work with her but be part of the community she creates with Conscious Boss and her programmes.

One year on my life looks completely different to how it was when we first began! After 3 months of stepping out completely from my beauty clinic I am now in the middle of selling that business and my home and will be travelling the world while being of service to women in a way that lights me up and brings me so much joy. This is the dream life I have always imagined for myself and I am so grateful!

If you are stuck in a place where you want to be doing something more aligned in your work and coaching others is calling you forward, Emily is your woman to guide and help you create the abundance waiting for you."

Jenna website ready.png

Jacqui Sive - Life and Business Coach 

She is incredible so she truly helped me to take my business from zero figures, and I'm talking real zero figures to $5,000 in the first month of officially being a coach.

Before working with Emily, I was somebody who was very confused, somebody who was very overwhelmed somebody who had a dream but didn't know how to turn it into reality.

 Since working with Emily and since undergoing the incredible training that she offers and I mean she covers everything guys everything you want to know about building a truly conscious business whether you are a coach whether you’re a service based wellness provider whoever you are out there if you have a dream you have a passion to truly create and do good in this world Emily Gallagher is your girl.

I would happily and wholeheartedly recommend Emily Gallagher  to everybody and anybody out there truly wanting to make a difference in this world and truly truly make an impact. If you are thinking about working with her, do it you will not regret it."

Jacqui website ready.png

 Ella Worsley - Women's Empowerment Coach 

"Since working with Emily, I quit my job at the end of last year and stepped into full time coaching. Since then I have been building my dream business. I’ve worked with numerous 1:1 clients, coached my first couple and I’ve booked out my first online program with 12 beautiful women which launches next week.

Everything. Like literally everything has changed since working with Emily. My mindset, my business is booming and I am living my ideal life every single day. My confidence, belief in myself and my business mindset has completely shifted.

My relationship with myself and my business has changed completely. I have this crazy belief in myself that I never use to have. I’m obsessed with building my business and getting comfortable with the uncomfortable. I feel like I can always count on her, she consistently shows up and adds values and goes above and beyond what’s expected.

100% work with Emily - she’s amazing! You will not regret it! She will show you what’s possibly for your life and your business and she will hold your hand whilst you make it happen.

Ella website ready.png

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